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Wellbeing of Architectural Practitioners is a Program

Wellbeing of Architectural Practitioners


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Full program description

Wellbeing is an increasingly important and widely-discussed topic in the field of architecture and architectural education. It is a critical aspect of a healthy and sustainable profession, and increasingly accepted that a lack of focus on wellbeing has negative impacts on the architecture profession as a whole. Many architects and students of architecture work long hours, often under tight deadlines and high stress levels, sometimes with poor remuneration, which cumulatively can lead to burnout, disengagement, and poor mental health.

This CPD course will aim to increase understanding of the conditions that lead to mental health pressure on those who work in architecture. Moving beyond re-describing the problem, the course looks to intervene towards practical improvements, promoting work-life balance and strategies to create healthier work environments, and ultimately to improve wellbeing outcomes in architecture.

The proposed topics of the CPD will include:

Value: Making the case for the value of architecture, and the valuation of architectural services.
This module will explore the social, environmental and economic benefits of architecture, and strategies to argue for the valuation of architectural services within practice, to clients, and the wider community.

Trust and Transparency: Leading the way in architectural practice to support open communication, autonomy, and agency in the workplace.
This module will explore leadership and practice management in the workplace, addressing management styles, tactics to enable the autonomy and agency of workers, and communication strategies to support individuals, practices and organisations.

Time and Money: Managing the work so that people are paid fairly, and the work is done on time.
This module will cover time management for individuals, projects and practices, strategies for sustainable working hours, resource allocation, and tactics for fee setting that support practices and the profession.

Responsibility and Risk: Negotiating balance between the challenges and rewards of practice.
This module will present strategies for managing pressure and stress associated with the risks and responsibilities of practice, covering procurement processes, professional standards, and advocacy within practice and the wider profession.

Psychological Safety: Creating safe workplaces that are inclusive, accessible and healthy for all workers.
This module will cover Work Health and Safety legislative protections, flexibility and work-life balance, HR support across all practice types, supporting neurodiversity and disability, and acknowledging intersectional experiences of class, race and gender in the profession.

This CPD will be launched in early 2024. Register your interest by filling in this form


This course is presented in partnership with the University of Sydney as an outcome of the The Wellbeing of Architects project, a comprehensive three year study – funded by the Australian Research Council Linkage Projects scheme – that is one of the first major studies to use interdisciplinary, qualitative and quantitative methods to address the question of how workplace cultures and professional identity affect wellbeing in architecture – and thus lay the foundations for practical improvements in the future.

The Wellbeing of Architects is an interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers at Monash University’s Department of Architecture (Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture) and Department of Management (Faculty of Business and Economics). It also includes many industry-based research partners including five architectural offices, as well as the New South Wales Architects Registration Board, the Australian Institute of Architects, and Association of Consulting Architects (ACA), as well as the peak body representing architecture schools – the Association of Australasian Schools of Architecture (AASA). Through these partnerships, the project hopes to produce better outcomes for all members of this unusual and strongly identified cohort – across education and practice.

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